monster bazaar

Theatrical experiment starring one actress-puppeteer and one freak puppet | 2014

When a little one a bit too different from the others arrives in your life it creates… a monstrous mess. Everything shifts.


Our actress-puppeteer welcomes the audience into her puppet-making laboratory, where all of the puppets are perfect, so beautiful. But what happens when all of a sudden, a freak puppet emerges, unexpected and unwanted, so repulsive that, at first, she does not want to touch it, but somehow strangely endearing?


What to do with such a puppet? What do her “brothers and sisters” think of her? And what would you do? Would you play with her?


Author and Director
Cyrille Louge


Puppets design
Francesca Testi


Cécile Mazéas ou Francesca Testi


Maïna Thareau


Video and sound consultant
Julien Barrillet


With musics by
Alexandre Desplat
Heather McIntosch
Ennio Morricone
John Cage
Jonny Greenwood
Meredith Monk
Giora Feidman

Length : 35 minutes
Appropriate for non-French speakers

With the aid of Arcadi Ile-de-France

With the support of

Comédie de l’Est – CDN d’Alsace (Colmar 68)

La Nef – Manufacture d’Utopies (Pantin 93)

Théâtre de l’Abbaye (St-Maur-des-Fossés 94)

Created in residency at the Théâtre Paris-Villette (75)

Warm thanks to
Ghislaine Laglantine, Paul-Édouard Blanchard,
Manon Barthelemy